Two Palestinian refugees killed in Syria

Two Palestinian refugees killed in Syria.

Two Palestinian refugees killed in Syria
[ 17/05/2014 – 10:11 AM ]


DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Two Palestinian refugees were killed on Friday due to the continued siege and shelling on Palestinian refugee camps in Syria.

Action Group for Palestinian Refugees in Syria confirmed on Saturday that Mohammed Sersawi and Abdul Rahman al-Masri, from Deraa refugee camp, were killed during shelling and clashes that erupted in Deraa city since the early Friday morning.

In the same context, Deraa camp has been subjected on Friday to heavy shelling coincided with a series of huge explosions in the neighboring villages.

Unprecedented military operations were carried out in the city amid heavy explosions, while warplanes continued hovering over the city.

Meanwhile, surrounding areas to Khan Shih refugee camp were subjected to aerial bombardment with explosive barrels, which led to a state of panic among the residents.

On the other hand, Palestinian refugees organized a protest sit-in outside UNRWA headquarters in the Bekaa valley in Lebanon protesting against the recent Lebanese restrictions on entry of Palestinian refugees from Syria to the country.

The protesters called for providing them with appropriate shelter and improving their living conditions especially that 850 Palestinian and Syrian families, each containing 5 members, are currently living in the central and western Bekaa.



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