Hunger strike going on for 26th day running, PA paying no heed

Hunger strike going on for 26th day running, PA paying no heed.


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Palestinian administrative detainees have been on an open-ended hunger strike for 26 days in a row amid calls by the prisoners and human rights activists to rally round them throughout. The unresponsiveness revealed by The Palestinian Authority (PA) vis-à-vis the hunger-strike has been firmly condemned.

Hunger-strikers’ families called for the need to stage more solidarity campaigns and mass-moves to back up the hunger strike via sit-ins and solidarity marches especially after the exacerbating health status of several striking prisoners.

According to the prisoners’ families solidarity moves have not been so far up to the sacrifices and tragedy of the striking detainees.

The Palestinian administrative prisoners have initiated an open-ended hunger strike, in what came to be known as “The Battle of the Empty Stomachs” to protest arbitrary detention with neither charge nor trial. The hunger-strikers vowed to keep going until they either win or die.

Some of the strikers have been carried to hospitals due to their worsening health conditions.

Along the same line, head of the Ahrar Center for Prisoner Studies and Human Rights, Fuad al-Khuffash, slammed the quasi-official silence revealed by PA over the affair.

According to al-Khuffash, the fact that “PM Rami Hamdallah partook only in one solidarity event in Tulkarem and was unwilling to join the solidarity tent in Ramallah, just a few kilometers away from his office, does not just make sense.”

Prisoners’ families and national solidarity activists have been upset when Hamdallah, along with other prominent political leaders, partook in the inauguration of a park in the city and were unwilling to join the sit-in tent.

Al-Khuffash called on Hamdallah to make serious moves and tries in every possible way to alleviate the agony of the administrative detainees by walking down in marches and taking note of the demands of the prisoners’ families.

Al-Khuffash further urged Hamdallah to devote the time and energy needed to stand up for the prisoners’ inalienable rights.


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