Mizher: Palestine will retain its Arab identity from the river to the sea » Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Mizher: Palestine will retain its Arab identity from the river to the sea » Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

“The conflict with the Zionist occupation is comprehensive, historical, and current, and it will not end until the achievement of all of the just and historic rights of the Palestinian people,” said Comrade Jamil Mizher, member of the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Mizher spoke on behalf of the National and Islamic Forces at a rally organized by Hamas in Khan Younis to mark the anniversary of the Nakba.

“The question of Palestine in all of its local, regional and international manifestations and dimensions will remain the core of the Arab-Zionist conflict…to ensure full national rights of the Palestinian people, in the forefront, the right of return, self-determination and a sovereign Palestinian state with its capital Jerusalem,” said Mizher, saying that this will come about only through resistance in all forms, particularly armed resistance which has proven to be the most effective means to confront the racist occupier.

“We stand today to consider once more the earthquake which shook the Palestinian conscience for over 66 years, the day of the Nakba. It is the day when we review the records of our memory…the day in which we recall the displacement of people from their homeland…the day that shows we are stronger than any attempts to obliterate our identity…Our rights will not be lost or forgotten despite the arrogant global forces who seek to erase them…despite international and regional conspiracies and all the obstacles and difficulties that we face as the Palestinian people,” said Mizher.

“Palestine will retain its Arab culture and identity from the river to the sea,” Mizher said, calling for resistance to the attempts of the Zionist entity to impose recognition of the “Jewishness of the state” and the urgency of upholding the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and to bring to an end any initiatives or proposals that detract from this right. He stated that it is the responsibility of the United Nations to act to implement its resolutions and end the Israeli occupation without any delay, as well as implementing the right to return, self-determination and Palestinian independence and sovereignty, noting that this will only occur through ending the illusory negotiations, ending the path of compromise and surrender to the U.S.

He called for quick action to end the Palestinian division and not seek to manage it through formulas and quotas, urging “national unity founded on a political program that centralizes Palestinian rights and national principles, and which opens all options in resisting the occupation to achieve these rights.” He demanded an end to negotiations, saying they have disastrous consequences and pose a real threat to the national cause and in fact undermine the struggles to resist and overturn the results of the Nakba.

“The Palestinian issue must resume its natural place on the Arab agenda,” said Mizher, requiring a rededication to the national dimension of the cause, which is now urgently needed to protect the national and historic rights of the Palestinian people and to restore the Palestinian cause to its central place to confront the global Zionist movement. “The policy of dismembering the Arab nation and isolating its issues and concerns from one another was always a Zionist goal to single out the Arab peoples and thus impose domination on all….Zionism imposed the Oslo agreement which did not meet the minimum interest and rights of the Palestinian people,” said Mizher.

Mizher saluted the Palestinian people in all of Palestine, the West Bank, Gaza, and the Palestinian people in the occupied homeland since 1948, in the Galilee, Naqab and Triangle who continue on the path of struggle with all of our people; in the refugee camps, in exile and diaspora, and in all countries of the world. He saluted the prisoners in the occupation prisons engaged in an epic struggle confronting the prison authorities, and to the Palestinian refugee camps “who have always been castles of steadfastness, holding forth the torch of resistance, struggle, and adherence to our rights.”

Mahmoud al-Zahar of Hamas also spoke at the event, saying that it will not accept the occupier on any inch of Palestine at any time and that the Palestinian people have the right to live and have been subject to murder and displacement in order to build a colonial occupation state that has occupied Palestine in successive periods. The event was attended by large numbers of Palestinians in Khan Younis and Palestinian political forces, factions and parties.


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