Arbitrary arrests, severe injuries following IOF raids

NABLUS/JENIN, (PIC)– Several Palestinian citizens were left severely wounded while others have been targeted with arbitrary arrest campaigns following Israeli raids in different Nablus and Jenin areas at dawn Thursday.

Eyewitnesses told the PIC correspondent a powerful blast was heard in the old City of Nablus following a raid launched by dozens of Israeli military vehicles. Palestinian young man Amid Akouba was severely wounded in the process and carried to the hospital after his limps were amputated.

Several shops were set on fire due to the blast and fire crews were immediately summoned to rescue the remaining shops.

Violent confrontations broke out between Israeli soldiers and unarmed Palestinian youngsters near al-Hanbali mosque in Nablus, followed by IOF heavy shooting, eye-witnesses further documented.

Large numbers of Israeli patrols have also deployed at the main entrance to Balata refugee camp near the eastern part of Nablus.

Local sources said large buses packed with Israeli extremist settlers invaded Joseph’s Tomb area under pretext of Talmudic prayers.

Invasions are often carried out under purported claims that the tomb is prophet Joseph’s, peace be upon him, while in reality the grave goes back to a Balata native called Youssef Duwikat, as other official historical records have corroborated.

Violent clashes broke out between youths and Israeli soldiers in Hisbe and Amman streets as Israeli patrols moved into the area to protect the settler buses. Several injuries among Palestinian youths were documented following heavy firing of tear gas canisters and live ammunition by IOF.

The confrontations kept going on for long hours, during which IOF fired sound bombs and tear gas canisters at Palestinians’ homes, generating a state of unparalleled panic among women and children.

In a related event, IOF broke into Burqa village, north of Nablus, and summoned a 15-year-old child for interrogation.

The attacks coincide with a series of raids, search-campaigns, and combing operations launched at dawn Thursday in different Jenin areas. A Palestinian citizen was apprehended while an ex-detainee was summoned for interrogation.

Meanwhile, a horde of Israeli extremist settlers broke into the evacuated illegal Homesh settlement, south of Jenin, and stationed amid its hills and olive woods.

Southern Jenin native Salah Abd Al-Hamid Salah, 24, was already arrested at an early morning hour at a military checkpoint near Bethlehem and carried to an unidentified destination.

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