Administrative detainee Hamdan transferred to hospital

Administrative detainee Hamdan transferred to hospital.

BETHLEHEM, (PIC)– Palestinian administrative detainee Daoud Hamdan, a Bethlehem native, was transferred to hospital after he suffered a stroke on Saturday amid a remarkable upsurge of solidarity moves within Israeli lock-ups.

Head of Ahrar Center for Prisoner Studies Fuad Al-Khuffash said in a brief statement that Hamdan, who has been on a hunger-strike for 31 days in a row, suffered a stroke.

Daoud, an ex-detainee who spent several years behind Israeli bars, was re-apprehended by the Israeli Occupation Authorities (IOA) since March 2014 under the so-called administrative summons for affiliation with the Islamic Jihad movement.

Palestinian prisoners locked-up in Israeli jails have been without food for 31 days in a row to protest arbitrary administrative detention policies amid a remarkable unresponsiveness by the Israeli Prison Service.

Along the same line, “Bokaat Zeit” battle (Oil Slick), staged in solidarity with the administrative prisoners, kicks off on Sunday in Raymond prison, as detainees declared on Saturday.

“Our brothers and offspring have been starving for the second month to restore their freedom and dignity. Ayman Atabish’s hunger strike has entered its third month.  This is a cutting-edge-time that requires a serious action from all Islamic and national factions,” Raymond prisoners said in a message to the Palestinian masses.

“The move comes as a distress-signal for the entire world’s free people to rally round us throughout our epic fight for freedom, which we have embarked on with our empty stomachs.”

Prisoners’ external committee for the Senior Leadership in Israeli jails called on all prisoners to stage mass-solidarity moves so as to back the administrative inmates up.

The committee urged, in a statement, all detention centers to take on their ethical, religious, and national responsibilities vis-à-vis the hunger-strikers and to follow the steps of the Negev, Nafha, and Raymond prisoners, dozens among whom have partook in the hunger strike.

The committee further called on the Palestinian people to stage mass rallies and demos next Friday.

“We took it upon ourselves to restore our brothers’ dignity, regardless of the consequences. We have an iron will that will never back off,” the committee declared, revealing its unyielding determination to restore the prisoners’ fair and legitimate rights.


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