ALRAY-Palestinian Media Agency – No for large-scale prisoner swaps: St – ALRAY

Gaza, ALRAY – Israeli Knesset member, Elad Stern suggested Thursday a new proposal to Knesset for handling kidnapped Israeli soldiers in the future. Stern’s proposal set a guideline for the government’s response to future abductions of Israeli soldiers.

The proposal which is alike the recommendations of Shamgar committee recommends that the Israeli government should avoid conducting large-scale prisoner swaps for kidnapped Israeli soldiers like the one it carried out in October in exchanging Gilad schalit in which 1,027 Palestinian detainees were released.

The proposal also recommended that the government set a secret list of detainees to choose the names to be freed. Up to the proposal it is prevented to release Palestinians get involved in killing Israelis. 

The Israeli government is allowed under the proposal to release 10 detainees who do not have blood on their hands during the negotiation process. The proposal called to impose punishments measure on the detainees whose factions carried out the abduction operation, and to detain them under the minimum standard conditions of detention that are stipulated in international conventions in the first 72 hours of the abduction operation.

Stern explained that the aim of the proposal is to draw up a new policy regarding future swaps, making clear both to what he called enemy and the Israeli public what price Israel would, and would not, be willing to pay in the future.

He noted that it is the time to release the recommendations of Shamgar committee to the public which have been kept secret since 2012

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