Haneyya: Palestinian resistance will hold out until liberation sees the day


GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian Prime Minister in Gaza, Ismail Haneyya, revealed Hamas’s commitment to resistance in its capacity as a strategic choice to liberate Palestine, uphold the national constants, and boost the reconciliation process.

“We will never ever forfeit a single inch of our lands and rights,” Haneyya said in a speech delivered via video conferencing during the inaugurating ceremony of the 7th General Assembly of the Islamic Radio and Television Union held in Tehran and joined by figures in Gaza.

“We will never give up our Jerusalem and our right of return. We will insist on resistance, in all of its forms, as means for liberation and return.”

Haneyya called for the need to re-chart the prospects of the Palestine cause for the Arab and Islamic masses and to re-delineate the very nature of the cause as one of national liberation.

“This is a political, ideological, intellectual and cultural cause,” Haneyya said, calling on the mass-media to shed light on the ad hominem campaigns aiming at wiping out Palestine’s national constants and blurring their geo-historical character.

“We will neither back off, nor meet halfway, nor concede defeat. From behind the bars and the siege, from within the front lines and battlegrounds, we remind you again and again that we will stand our ground!”

Haneyya renewed Hamas’s keenness to heal the internal rift and press ahead with national union.  “Because we believe that unity makes power,” he stated. 

“Our government might step down voluntarily for the sake of the cause and so as to redeem the nation’s heritage in Jerusalem,” Haneyya declared.

Haneyya called for a serious action against the ongoing mudslinging, smear, and camouflage-campaigns targeting Palestinians and Arabs as a whole and misrepresenting legitimate resistance against the Israeli invader as an act of “terrorism”.

“Sectarian or regional conflicts should never show up again at this critical stage. We should all think twice before falling in such a trap aiming at turning us away from our key concerns.”

Haneyya concluded his speech by hailing the Gazan and Iranian masses, who partook in the media conference, vowing: “Resistance will keep going until the liberation dream comes true.”

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