Palestinian refugee families from Syria denied entry to Turkey

Palestinian refugee families from Syria denied entry to Turkey.

DAMASCUS, (PIC)– A number of Palestinian families, who fled from Daraa camp in Syria, are still stranded at a border area near the Turkish city Urfa after they have failed to enter the Turkish territory, according to the action group for the Palestinians in Syria.

They have been there for several days waiting to be allowed in, the group added.

Turkey imposes entry visas on Syria’s Palestinian refugees, but its authorities have stopped to grant such permits for more than a year without stating why it took such measure.

The action group also stated that a number of Palestinian activists intend to stage as of Thursday, May 29, a number of sit-ins outside UNRWA centers in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon to protest the measures taken recently by the Lebanese authorities against Palestinian refugees and asylum seekers fleeing the Syrian war.

The activists will also demand the UNRWA to assume its responsibilities fully towards Syria’s Palestinian refugees.

The Lebanese authorities issued a number of decisions preventing the flow and entry of Palestinian refugees to the country.

They also stopped to renew the residence permits of the Palestinian refugees and deported dozens of them to Damascus.

In another context, a group of Palestinian doctors from Europe will visit Lebanon early next month to provide medical services for the Palestinian refugees of Syria, the action group said.


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