Palestine News & Info Agency – WAFA – Newspaper Review: Weekly Protests in Solidarity with Hunger-striking Prisoners Focus of Dailies

Palestine News & Info Agency – WAFA – Newspaper Review: Weekly Protests in Solidarity with Hunger-striking Prisoners Focus of Dailies.

RAMALLAH, May 31, 2014 – (WAFA) – Weekly protests organized in West Bank areas in solidarity with Palestinian hunger-striking prisoners and tight Israeli restrictions imposed on the entry of worshipers into Al-Aqsa Mosque hit the front page headlines in Palestinian dailies.



Here are the front page headlines of the dailies.





·         Anti-wall and settlement Weekly protests organized in solidarity with prisoners. . . dozens injured by bullets and tear gas during clashes with Israeli forces.


·         [Israeli forces hands] Demolition notices for three houses in Al-Walaja to the west of Beit Jala.


·         Israeli forces deny thousands of worshipers access into the Al-Aqsa Mosque.


·         Israeli forces arrest a Palestinian youth at Zaʻtara checkpoint, claiming he wore an explosive belt.


·         1,500 prisoners will join the open-ended hunger strike on Sunday in solidarity with hunger-striking prisoners held in administrative detention.


·         [Hamas official Mousa] Abu Marzouq calls [Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad] al-Malki to resign in support of reconciliation.


·         [Hamas official Ismaʻil] Haniyeh confirms that unity government disputes are under control.


·         President [Mahmoud Abbas] congratulate Palestine’s Soccer Team and the Palestinian people on the big win against the Philippines.


·         Newsweek publishes a report revealing that Israel wiretapped [former US President Bill] Clinton during peace talks.


·         A new landing runway for planes at Ben Gurion airport passes over ‘Palestinian Authority’s territories.’


·         Hundreds of Jordanians hold peaceful demonstrations in ‘Amman and Tafila supporting the Al-Aqsa Mosque and demanding reforms.





·         Prisoners held in administrative detention have been on hunger strike for 37 days, several injuries reported during protests organized in solidarity with prisoners in different West Bank areas.


·         Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association (Addamer): “Health of hunger-striking prisoners has seriously deteriorated.”


·         Hundreds of [Palestinian] citizens perform Friday prayer in the streets of [Jerusalem Old City] after being denied access into the Al-Aqsa Mosque.


·         Following Europe, The US would deal with the [Palestinian] national consensus government.


·         The Israeli army alleges foiling a suicide attack.


·         The United Nations: “Over 100 people have been displaced from the Jordan Valley by demolitions and military training.”


·         [Hamas official Mousa] Abu Mazouq: “The government formation is hindered by two obstacles, and efforts are underway to announce it during the middle of next week.”


·         Italy’s Foreign Minister [ Federica Mogherini]: “Settlement is a main obstacle to peace.”


·         A report reveals that Israel eavesdropped on Clinton during peace talks.


·         [Israeli newspaper] Maʻariv: “[Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu responded to a US demand to silently freeze constriction in West Bank settlements.”




Al-Hayat Al-Jadida


·         Palestine wins the challenge and qualifies for the Asian Cup to be held in Australia.


·         President [Mahmoud Abbas] congratulates Palestine’s soccer team and the Palestinian people on this win and receives congratulations from his Maldivian counterpart [Abdulla Yameen] on winning the AFC challenge cup.


·         President of Palestinian Football Federation [Jibril] Rajoub: “This is a historical day for Palestinian soccer”, an official and popular ceremony will be held Sunday evening at the Presidential headquarters.


·         Rallies of anger are organized in solidarity with hunger-striking prisoners, Israeli occupation forces injure dozens.


·         Fernand Tuil is the first Jew to be buried in Ad-Dheisheh camp.

·         Citizens perform Friday prayers under the spears of occupation.


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