Aqsa Mosque: Israeli entry restrictions on Palestinians until next Saturday

Aqsa Mosque: Israeli entry restrictions on Palestinians until next Saturday.

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation police decided to impose restrictions on the entry of the Palestinians to the Aqsa Mosque until the Jews finish their celebration of the revelation of their Torah next Saturday.

The guards of the Aqsa Mosque said the Israeli police started as of Monday evening to take such arbitrary measures against the Palestinians who wanted to pray at the Mosque.

The police prevented hundreds of Palestinian worshipers under age 45 from praying at the Aqsa Mosque and closed all its entrances, which forced scores of young men to pray outside its gates, according to the guards.

Director of the Mosque Sheikh Omar Kaswani told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that the Islamic Awqaf bureau in occupied Jerusalem lodged an objection with the Israeli police for their entry restrictions on the Palestinians and their closure of the Mosque’s gates.

Kaswani said that the Israeli police claimed that they took these measure because there would be a march for Jewish settlers at the Old City of Jerusalem and that they got information about the intention of Palestinian young men to hold a mass retreat at the Aqsa Mosque.

He deplored such police claims as lame, and said that the police was supposed to prevent any Jewish marches from approaching the gates of the Aqsa Mosque instead of imposing entry restrictions on the Palestinians.

The official also described the Israeli measures as part of a systematic policy to impose a new fait accompli at the Aqsa Mosque and an attempt to facilitate the entry of the Jews during this week to the Mosque’s main courtyard


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