Conference Budapest General Union of Palestinian Communities in Europe 6 til 8 June 2014 UPDATE – Article



Legal Forum Palestinian Prisoners to follow-up the decision taken by the U.N. :

By: Sonja van den Ende

General Assembly Votes Overwhelmingly to Accord Palestine

‘ Non-Member Observer State’ Status in United Nations

Chairman Mr. Mazen Ramahi, who opened the Conference .



1.  Ziad Abu Ein (Undersecretary Ministry of Prisoners)

2.  Mr. Qaddura Fares (Head, Chairman, PPS – Palestine)

3.  Mrs. Fadma Bargouthi wife of Mr. Marwan Bargouthi

4.  Prof. Scobi, International Law, University of Manchester

5.  Prof. Fausto Gianelli, Sollicitor, Italy

6.  Mr. Abbas, International Law, Belgium, defended the Palestinians case against Ariel Sharon (Sabra and Shatila)

The opening speech was performed by Mr. Ziad Abu Ein, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Prisoners.

He emphasized that there are currently approx. 1 million prisoners in the Israelian prisons. The most used methods of detaining are:

Raiding Palestinian houses during the night and bring the detainees to…

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