Names of ARRESTS been conducted by the Israelian Regime last days



The IDF, consisting of more than 3000 soldiers have made an unbelievable number of arrests, for an operation, what the Israelian regime says is to find 3 BOYS, who allegedly were kidnapped by Hamas, but no prove has been found if there were abducted. The regime can be compared with South Africa who practiced the same methods of kidnapping people and let the black people  dissapear, without trial.


Here are some of the names of the people who are abducted by the Israelian Regime:

The PPS Ramallah, Jerusalem and Nablus can confirm these names

Names: arrests, Jerusalem, Nablus, Ramallah – PPS:

Israeli forces arrested last night five citizens of Jerusalem and its villages, including deputies in the Legislative Council and prisoners 

They are: Mohammed Totah, Khaled Abu Arafa Ibrahim Abu Salim Ashraf Shamasneh Suleiman Abu Eid.

The occupation forces arrested Last night more than 23 people from Nablus, 1…

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