Palestinian Killed By Army Fire In Ramallah – International Middle East Media Center

Palestinian Killed By Army Fire In Ramallah – International Middle East Media Center.

PIcture by Ramallah Today - Facebook

The sources said that Mahmoud Ismael Atallah, 31, was seriously injured after being shot, on Sunday at dawn, by a soldier who, along with several soldiers, invaded a Palestinian building, and used it rooftop as a military tower.

Atallah was heavily bleeding, and died of his wounds, before Palestinian medics managed to reach him, especially as the soldiers surrounded the area, and declared it a closed military zone.

His body was first located on top of a commercial building, in the Al-Manara Junction in the center of Ramallah, in the opposite direction of the building that was occupied by the soldiers.

Medical sources said at least eleven Palestinians were shot and wounded during ensuing clashes with the soldiers, who invaded, ransacked and searched Palestinian homes and property, in different neighborhoods in Ramallah.

The clashes started after dozens of Israeli military vehicles invaded the city, along with many nearby Palestinian communities, and broke into several shops, stores and commercial buildings.

Local youths threw stones at the soldiers, and the army fired dozens of rounds of live ammunition, and rubber-coated metal bullets, leading to eleven injuries.

Eyewitnesses said clashes also took place inn many nearby communities, as the army pushed more soldiers into the area, and kidnapped several Palestinians.


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