The whole world is watching Gaza, but in the Westbank thousands of people are being imprisoned during operating Protective Edge


Palestinian detainees in Operation Protective Edge.

PPS: Israeli Authorities Arrested 597 Palestinians during August


The Israeli authorities arrested 597 Palestinians from the West Bank governorates, including Jerusalem, since the start of August, said Saturday Palestine Prisoners Society (PPC).

In a press release, PPS said that the arrest operations were concentrated in Jerusalem and Hebron as 190 Palestinians and 102 others were arrested from Jerusalem and Hebron respectively in the cruelest arrest operations launched since mid June.

PPC said that 74 Palestinians were arrested from Ramallah and Al-Bireh, 63 from Jenin, 54 from Bethlehem, 45 from Nablus, 23 from Tulkarem, 22 from Salfit, 11 from Qalqilya, 7 from Jericho and 6 from Tubas.

PPC pointed out that among the prisoners were two girls; they were arrested from Jerusalem and Ramallah. Following Israel’s arrest of over 2,000 Palestinians in mid June, the total number of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails…

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